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EIGORU-en Online English & Japanese School  | Japan style Online English & Japanese School for English & Japanese Learners; Young Children, Kids, Mothers, Business people, Grown-ups and Senior.


Privacy Policy

❋ Regarding the scope of use of the information collected

Personal Information collected from the user are highly kept and will be used within the scope of service. Also, all collected information is certainly used for the purpose of operating this online English & Japanese tutoring service.

❋ Provision of the collected information

Personal identifiable information collected from the users, absolutely is not intentionally be provided to a third party. However, the below-mentioned three cases are excluded and necessary within the scope.

(1) Provide the information requested during the trial lessons with the teachers
(2) When there is the disclosure request which is based on legal basis from the third party
(3) If it becomes necessary in the debt collection at the time of non-payment

❋ About Security
Disclosure of the information collected from this school users, and take the necessary measures for the proper management, prevention of loss collected information.


Company Profile


5-3-1-1013 Runkai-cho, Edogawa-ku, TOKYO, JAPAN 134-0086
President:Kazumi Fujii
For inquiries, please email us at eigoru.office@gmail.com

From EIGORU person-in-charge,

Thank you very much for visiting our EIGORU Online English & Japanese School, one-on-one Tutor site. 

On our side, English & Japanese pronunciation and skills are given, but of course, we have also adopted to choose good teachers with pleasant personality. In order to improve English & Japanese conversation skills quickly, having teachers with good personality, fun to converse with and thoughtful are really important in studies. It is also the relationship between us, teachers and the students, so the payment has decided to be postpaid. Moreover, we intend to keep recruiting good teachers until in the future.

Students say, “it seems that it’s a treasure for a lifetime, a chance to be able to meet a good teacher” it is fortunate that the kind of encounter which you can think can be offered.

We work with using ultra-low-cost facilities and not operated by paying expensive programs in order to possibly reduce the student’s fees and offer the highest rates to our teachers. Therefore, if we sometimes don’t have consistent real-time operation, your understanding and cooperation will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



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