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English NEWS Subscription / Cancellation at EIGORU-en | Japan style Online English &Japanese School for English & Japanese Learners; Young Children, Kids, Mothers, Business people, Grown-ups and Senior.


(1)EIGORU English NEWS Subscription/Cancellation

Free EIGORU English NEWS will show you New teacher join, Important operation procedure update or some Useful information etc. 

✦ You can subscribe or cancel at anytime from your received EIGORU English NEWS mail.

Those who are looking for a better teacher, those who would like to take online English & Japanese conversation from now on, as well as information that is useful for those already taking lessons at EIGORU, please register.

✦ If you apply for a trial lesson, please note that it will be automatically subscribed at a later date. If you do not need it, please unsubscribe yourself.

✦ This news mail is also distributed to all EIGORU Teachers.

• Notification mail for newly joined teacher
• Notification mail for System or Operation Updates

• New service / campaign announcement
• Useful information
• Others

If you hope to apply for a trial lesson, then click below.


EIGORU NEWS Subscription
⇒ https://1lejend.com/stepmail/kd.php?no=379819

Change mail address(EMERGENCY MESSAGE BOARD MAIL will update also)
⇒ https://1lejend.com/stepmail/edit.php?no=xxhcze

EIGORU NEWS Cancellation
※Entry your e-mail address and click “解除” button.
⇒ https://1lejend.com/stepmail/delf.php?no=379819


✦ Notification mail about your Teacher’s Emergency lesson cancellation or absence
✦ Please subscribe soon, if you hope to have more trial lessons or regular lessons.

⇒ https://1lejend.com/stepmail/kd.php?no=157946

Emergency Message Board Mail is free news mail written about Emergency Message Board (⇒ Emergency Message Board).

This news mail is distributed to subscribers. So please understand this mail might come 1 day later.
We strongly recommend you to check ⇒ Emergency Message Board directly by yourself.
This will be useful for students who have classes in EIGORU.

Announcement of Emergency Message Board


Change mail address (EIGORU English NEWS will update also)

✦ Entry your e-mail address and click “解除” button.

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