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Know more about EIGORU-en | Japan style Online English & Japanese School for English & Japanese Learners; Young Children, Kids, Mothers, Business people, Grown-ups and Senior.

EIGORU-en established in 2009 has extended from English school to English & Japanese school.

One-to-one online English & Japanese conversation for Young People and Senior.
Online English & Japanese tutoring service to better improve English & Japanese Speaking power for serious English & Japanese learners.
Full homeroom-like system in EIGORU-en!

EIGORU Unique Features which are NOT found in other online schools!

UNLIMITED Free Trial Lessons!
Study first then pay later! (Visa/MasterCard/American Express/Discover/PayPal)

Full-time tutor scheme where students receive tailored lessons adjusted to their English & Japanese needs.
No competition for frequent booking of lessons with our private teachers!
The industry with highest salary for our top-quality instructors.
We support lesson by means of Chat through the LINE app and Skype as well!
Full Postpaid System!
We provide various English & Japanese lessons for young children, kids, elementary students, university students, businessmen and women, elders and mothers at home! 

We cater students from all walks of life from 3 to 80 years old.
We have 9,000 lessons conducted every month!

✦You can sign up for 25-minute Free Trial Lesson at any time you want without limits.
You can sign up for 25-minute Free Trial Lesson at any time you want even if you’re already taking regular lessons with other teachers. So you can add new teachers or change another teacher.
✦We recommend to take 5 free trial lessons with 5 different teachers per week only.
✦You can book a 25-minute Trial Lesson without limit but you are not permitted to take another trial lesson with the same teacher.
✦25-minute Free Trial lesson is only once per teacher.

Characteristics of Typical Online English & Japanese Schools


❋One-on-one lessons can be received via free Skype Video Call.
❋If ever you can’t understand some words and don’t know some spelling words, then you can use chat and free online dictionaries.
❋You can review your previous lessons effectively through reading your Skype Chat history.
❋You can receive one-on-one lessons at cheaper rates compared to traditional schools.

Unique Features of EIGORU and our Online English & Japanese Teachers


❋Permanently Unlimited Free Trial Lessons!
❋Even if you take regular lessons already!

✦You can sign up for 25-minute Free Trial Lesson at any time you want without limits.
You can sign up for 25-minute Free Trial Lesson at any time you want even if you’re already taking regular lessons with other teachers. So you can add new teachers or change another teacher.
✦We recommend to take 5 free trial lessons with 5 different teachers per week only.
✦You can book a 25-minute Trial Lesson without limit but you are not permitted to take another trial lesson with the same teacher.
✦25-minute Free Trial lesson is only once per teacher.

❋Booking competition is unnecessary.

❋You can easily select your favorite tutor for your first contract as well as easily request to stop the lesson contract.

❋Receive Regular Lessons in advance at a promised time zone with our EIGORU-en Online English & Japanese Teachers just like an individual professor. Take regular lessons from the same teachers you’ve chosen (just like a normal home-tutor who teaches at the comfort of your own home). Most online schools have adopted the “reservation of teachers 2-weeks ahead of lesson time.” However, with this norm system “your favorite teacher is always reserved by someone, even though you do your best to book a lesson with him/her every day” or “your time might be wasted from starting the lesson with self-introduction every time you have a substitute teacher.” In EIGORU-en, we don’t have such a thing. Especially, for teaching English & Japanese conversation to children, “the same teacher” is an important thing.

❋You can take lessons from once a week (1 lesson = 25 minutes) up to seven times weekly or more, decide your lesson schedule (day and time) and have a 4-week contract (1 month) based on the teacher’s timetable. (Find your best-match teacher and just simply sign up.)

❋It is also possible to have lessons with different teachers weekly.

❋Take lessons from one-to-one, with siblings, with parents or group lesson are all possible here!

❋With a certain number of lesson cancellation for free and/or ask for reschedule lessons for student’s convenience.


❋Reasonable lesson fee for 1 month is only $7.48 (with 4 lessons only)! Pay only the successful lesson minutes through Postpaid!

EIGORU Teachers offer exceptional lesson fee with a special procedure of online cloud management which is unique from other schools.

Example of Online English & Japanese Lesson Fee for Four Weeks
❋ You can freely take lessons from 1 day up to 7 days weekly. You can also take 1 lesson for 25 minutes or more per day. You can also have many lessons with different teachers.

Here is an example table of a lesson schedule with a certain lesson fee. Please take note that our teachers have different lesson price.

Lesson number of days / week (day of the week) Lesson Minutes Sample Number of Lessons and
Lesson Fees
1 day / week (Wednesday) 1 lesson is 25 minutes

$1.87 × 4 lessons =

$7.48 only for 4 weeks
(1 month contract)

5 days / week (Wednesday through Sunday) 1 lesson is 25 minutes

$1.87 × 20 lessons =

$37.40 only for 4 weeks
(1 month contract)

5 days / week (Wednesday through Sunday) 2 lessons are 50 minutes

$1.87 × 40 lessons =

$74.80 only for 4 weeks
(1 month contract)

❋Because EIGORU-en is an online home-tutor system, we ask each teacher to post their available schedule (open days and time slots) that would be the same weekly. Of course, schedule consultation with the teacher is also possible.
Teacher A has open schedule every Sunday at 7:00 and Teacher B has open schedule on Wednesdays and Fridays at 17:00, etc.

❋The lesson schedule you agreed with the teacher is exclusively dedicated only for you, which is locked weekly and monthly. Therefore, please understand that you are not permitted to change schedule frequently.

❋We support lesson by means of chat through the LINE app! You can have online lessons even if you can’t speak English & Japanese at all!

❋You can ask your teacher if you want lessons with video via Skype or LINE!


❋You can definitely interact with our teachers using “EIGORU-en Easy Mail Form”
❋With our private teachers, they will focus on the student’s English & Japanese progress and weaknesses through their individualized guidance system. Unlike other online schools, students in EIGORU-en visit or take lessons of their favorite online teachers at their usual time.
Because of that, the students who are weak in English & Japanese can possibly have a quick improvement through having private teacher’s progressive follow-ups.
In addition, because of attending the lesson at the promised time, there is no such thing as quitting in the middle of class and that enables students to continue learning English & Japanese more.


❋The industry with highest salary for our top-quality instructors.
We carefully select qualified teachers who don’t just have the skills and passion but also with very pleasant personality. In addition, with our policy regarding violations, we highly keep teachers with good reputation through imposing tough penalties including dismissal for frequent absenteeism and tardiness. Therefore, we always strive to hire new teachers.

Here in EIGORU-en, we have various teachers who are dedicated teaching Very Beginner students, Elementary school students as well as for children with low grades at school.

❋You can take online lessons early in the morning or late at night with some of our Professional Philippine Teachers! We support lessons from early morning until late at night.

❋With large numbers of Experienced English & Japanese Teachers for Very Young Children, Kids English & Japanese and Very Beginner English & Japanese learners.
Effortlessly search and match English & Japanese teachers for your English & Japanese levels and needs. We have teachers who have experienced teaching their own children and/siblings also. We cater not just only Elementary School children but also 3-year old toddlers. For children who don’t have any experience in learning English & Japanese, parents can easily find their level-match teachers!

In EIGORU-en, we have many students below 4 years old but to be honest, it is rather a conversation between the teachers and little students, somehow teachers can manage them in all kinds of learning ways. Teachers from the Philippines are really patient in teaching English & Japanese and improving student’s English & Japanese skills. You can ask our teachers to teach you words, phrases and sentence patterns gradually or in your own pace. Your same homeroom teacher will patiently motivate you to memorize sentences. Your teacher will help you master the lesson not just once but until you totally understand and learned the lesson perfectly.

I think there is almost no other online schools like EIGORU-en that can implement such level of comfortable conversation!


❋Senior English & Japanese Learners
We also have lots of elder students with who are in their 80’s. We gather teachers with dignity that you can talk with various of topics such as culture, social experience, child-rearing and a lot more!


❋You may use your own learning materials.
Learning materials with text and photos that you are using in your school is also accepted here.

❋Rich with teaching materials to choose from (English & Japanese for Children to Business English & Japanese Lessons for adults)
In order to match lessons for various ages of children, we provide a variety of world famous learning materials for English & Japanese conversation such as Let’s Go Book series and Spelling Linking Words to Meaning series. Also, there are lots of free learning materials on the internet such as the following.

For English learners

English Farmland
English 4 Kids
Kiz club
e-learning for Kids
Super teacher worksheets

For business, including TOEIC to Advanced lessons, you may ask your teacher to learn up to a full-fledged English & Japanese grammar lesson.

❋For more details, please see ⇒ Lesson Materials Introduction

As for the learning materials and how to proceed, please select your lecturer and consult.
If the students are concerned about the lesson material before starting the trial lesson, then worry no more as EIGORU-en is a tutoring system with professional teachers, where students can consult or suggest their preferred lesson materials with their teachers via email. You can decide the lesson you want both in trial and regular lessons.

❋Having our full-time private teachers, you can send your favorite materials or even prepare and study for an entrance examination (Kindergarten, Elementary School, Junior High School, High School and University Entrance Examination) and it’s perfect for children who don’t want to go to school.
It’s also possible in EIGORU-en to send your lesson materials to your preferred teachers. In addition, the teachers inform us whenever their schedule is full. It’s EIGORU-en unique characteristics where you can achieve these two conditions. You can also use other lesson materials such as entrance examination reference books, textbooks from school, exam preparation materials and etc.

❋In addition, please talk about your lesson materials in advance with your teachers (at least 24 hours before the lesson). Students must consult and discuss their lesson hope with the teacher before or after the class via email. Please understand that our teachers must prepare everything before starting the class. Please consult your teacher if ever you have any special preparation for your lesson hope and the consumed time must be charged.

❋We have various of certified and qualified special teachers (for IELTS, TESL, TESOL, TOEFL, TOEIC, etc.)
We have provided available credentials of the teacher on each teacher’s introduction page.

❋We welcome students in all walks of life from 3 years old up to 80 years old and above!

Reason Why EIGORU can make actual Lesson Price Cheap

If you take the cheapest lesson price of $1.87 with 1 lesson per week, then you will only pay $7.48 for 1-month lesson contract! In addition, you only pay for SUCCESSFUL LESSON MINUTES!

❋Operations and How it works with Thorough Low-Cost Online Cloud System
English & Japanese schools and English & Japanese teachers here in Japan charge 5,000 yen per 1 lesson and they’re getting more expensive. The lesson fee is expensive because of high cost of living such as rental house near the station, teacher’s stay, water utility cost, as well as labor costs by building owners. The lesson quality is not directly related to the cost of such actual class but it’s because of enormous cost of living in Japan.

EIGORU offers lessons in reasonable prices with teachers residing in the Philippines and really different from other online English & Japanese schools. It has cheaper prices offered because of using low cost cloud operations and without the need of spending much on fixed assets such as the room rentals and transportation. Through this, it is profitable to recruit high quality teachers. In regards to the teacher’s cheap lesson price, it’s not bad at all.

In typical online English & Japanese schools, teachers go to their working place/office, then wait for the reservation from students, it’s like students are paying for the teacher’s attendance. But in EIGORU tutoring system, teachers usually own high-speed internet connection at home where time is not wasted and the promised lesson time with the students is guaranteed. It helps us to cut the cost for facility operation to the utmost. Having lessons with a good teacher at a cheaper price but with quality, we believe it’s the right way in the long run! In order to make this operation work, we provide detailed manuals with operational procedures, templates and policies both for the teachers and students. Moreover, when support of the Japanese staff is utilized because of the mistake of the teacher, the teacher is charged for the work amount. With these strategies and mechanisms, the quality of EIGORU teachers is remarkably high with lesson prices extremely low and EIGORU is uniquely incomparable! If the hospitable service of Japanese seems mandatory, we would like to ask that you consider the use of another service.

❋Easy scheduling and contacting your teacher is done via email between teachers and students only in order to achieve this offered low lesson fee rate.
In addition, EIGORU differs from the other online schools. EIGORU is totally different from other online schools. EIGORU was born from the support of private professional English & Japanese teachers living in the Philippines and by recruiting students to collect money to support the service.Therefore, EIGORU Office role is only to introduce the students to each teacher. So students must send email to their teachers and negotiate lesson schedule by themselves.

However, in case of trouble, we will basically communicate directly to the teacher and student. We offer service with extremely low price so please, kindly understand. Thank you. Furthermore, you can take lessons in EIGORU wherever you are in the world, and its operation doesn’t have to be done in the office. EIGORU operates in real time virtual network and work is down in collaboration with the cloud form company. As a result, other major online English & Japanese schools cannot grasp how we maintain a high quality yet with low fee strategic business structure.

EIGORU is very popular to English & Japanese teachers in the Philippines because of the offered high salary and flexible scheduling system. EIGORU is designed with high salary hourly rate with fixed reservation ahead of time unlike in other online English & Japanese schools. We have popular teachers with open schedule from morning till night, so the lesson is possible as full-time without waiting and they earn high salary. For the reason, EIGORU is receiving many teacher applicants almost every day!

English & Japanese skills are important of course, but aside from that, in EIGORU, teachers undergo our stress tests such as EIGORU lesson procedures, good intellectual capability, creativity, attentiveness, and even their charm and total personality. Also, unlike other schools, EIGORU doesn’t have to train our instructors to handle different students. The teacher whom EIGORU seeks is not just about having teaching experiences, but with the professionalism mindset and with the high sense of responsibility which are taught but essentially overflow as natural. Experience alone is not accepted. It aims to collect a genius, such as the so-called Ichiro speaking in baseball. The fact that EIGORU side keeps continuing to offer the charm that the teacher of such level would like to manage EIGORU with less supervision and collaborate with the management well, is another strategic target.

EIGORU imposes strict rules to immediate freezing of account for the teachers with many complaints from students or with 3 times of violation (late, absent, negligence, etc). We also offer special system for our teachers to have higher income that would base on performance and evaluation from the students. For this reason, many of the teachers work in high motivation and high morale. Although the teachers obey the rules very well, some students decide to stop lesson because of EIGORU procedures yet we keep surviving with excellent and respected teachers.

From these strategies and mechanisms, EIGORU teacher quality is extremely high with exceptionally real low prices which are unparalleled. In addition, EIGORU stands up as the organization which supports talented teachers without having them go abroad and we have a strong awareness to help them work in the comfort of their homes with their families in the Philippines. Therefore, we would appreciate your understanding that we recognized both teachers and students as valued customers.

❋In order to achieve these things, we need great cooperation from our students.
First of all, please understand we do not have a phone support. (Support is conducted by e-mail only.)
With these strategies and mechanisms, the quality of EIGORU teachers is remarkably high with lesson prices extremely low and EIGORU is uniquely incomparable!

EIGORU own business procedure

At EIGORU, the students and the teachers must directly communicate to each other without asking our office staff. We’ve made a page about F.A.Qs that will perfectly provide answers for all queries and be reminded with all the procedures and explanations for all cases. You may find it a bit confusing but the Student’s Manual is very logical, very simple and very easy to understand and it’s all proven by many of our students who posted positive evaluations on BBS site.

For more details, please refer to the page of ⇒ Free Trial Lesson Procedures and ⇒ Continuing Lessons Procedures

❋Please experience our FREE 25-minute Trial Lesson❋

✦You can sign up for 25-minute Free Trial Lesson at any time you want without limits.
You can sign up for 25-minute Free Trial Lesson at any time you want even if you’re already taking regular lessons with other teachers. So you can add new teachers or change another teacher.

✦We recommend to take 5 free trial lessons with 5 different teachers per week only.
✦You can book a 25-minute Trial Lesson without limit but you are not permitted to take another trial lesson with the same teacher.
✦25-minute Free Trial lesson is only once per teacher.

❋ For more details about EIGORU, then please visit the following LINKS.

Mail Forms List available in EIGORU-en English & Japanese

EIGORU-en provides Mail Forms that include “Easy Mail Form” for Beginners who don’t like to write message in English & Japanese to their teachers.

⇒ EIGORU-en Trial Lesson Order Form
This is Free Trial Lesson Application Form (Mandatory)

⇒ EIGORU-en Step3-Form
This is the form upon payment of the lesson fee (Required)

⇒ EIGORU-en Easy-Mail Form
This is a form with preset messages/phrases that you want to say to your teachers without composing English & Japanese messages by yourself. (Optional)

⇒ EIGORU-en Tutor Improve Request Form (anonymity)
Through this form, you can inform your teacher about the bad points you want to improve anonymously.  You can also inform the teachers about their good points without breaking the good relationship with them. (Optional)

⇒ EIGORU-en Teacher Evaluation Form
You may inform us your evaluation for each teacher you have. (Optional)

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