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Rates and Payment Method at EIGORU-en | Japan style Online English & Japanese School for English & Japanese Learners; Young Children, Kids, Mothers, Business people, Grown-ups and Senior.


Rate Plan


● EIGORU-en Monthly Rate is absolutely affordable than anywhere else!

Monthly Fee = teacher’s lesson unit price X number of lessons conducted
For example! In the case of 1 lesson (25 minutes) $1.87 with a certain teacher,
When the student has once a week lesson or four times lessons a month
$1.87 × 4 times = $7.48 per month only!

We do not have any such admission fee.

❋The following is an example of a lesson pattern for a Teacher with $1.87 lesson price.
(Please be aware that lesson prices are depending on the teacher’s chosen price.)

Number of lesson days / week (Sunday) time (lesson minutes) fee / 4 weeks (one month)

Lesson number of days / week (day of the week) Lesson Minutes Sample Number of Lessons and Lesson Fees
1 day / week (Wednesday) 1 lesson is 25 minutes

$1.87 × 4 lessons =

$7.48 only for 4 weeks 
(1 month contract)

5 days / week (Wednesday through Sunday) 1 lesson is 25 minutes

$1.87 × 20 lessons =

$37.40 only for 4 weeks 
(1 month contract)

5 days / week (Wednesday through Sunday) 2 lessons are 50 minutes

$1.87 × 40 lessons =

$74.80 only for 4 weeks 
(1 month contract)

Payment Method

● Peace of mind with Deferred payment for numbers of successful lessons! There is no waste!


● Your teacher will send you “Step3-Request Mail”after having 4-week lesson contract, please transfer the lesson price that is displayed on the lesson sheet through “EIGORU English Step3-form” and attach the completed lesson sheet.
❋You can transfer payment through PayPal after clicking the submit button in the ⇒ EIGORU English Step3-form.

Available pay ways are
American Express

Note: If you cannot find your available pay way above, please contact us EIGORU-en office (eigoru.office@gmail.com)

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