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EIGORU-en Teachers | Japan style Online English & Japanese School for English & Japanese Learners; Young Children, Kids, Mothers, Business people, Grown-ups and Senior.


(1) How to find your Teacher?

✦ You can select a teacher thru the photos here in the ⇒ Teacher’s List page.

Note: The teachers with (x) (for example, 0000-Sammy (x)) beside their names are currently not accepting students, some with fully booked schedule and some with other reasons.
The teachers are introduced or being promoted by the students.

You can select your desired teacher through reading Evaluations for the Teachers. These evaluations are done by different students. Some teachers request to be evaluated by their students. But other students make a surprise evaluation for their teachers. Therefore, this Evaluation will help new students to choose their best teachers. You can try many teachers through having Free Trial lessons. You can communicate to our teachers through our Trial Lesson Application Form.

There is a special field in the trial application form where you can ask the teacher. You can use that to tell some conditions or requests to the teacher and sort it before you actually have your trial lesson.

❋ Find your teacher through various ways below. ⇒ 
Please write the keyword about your teacher in below box. You can also go to the Teacher’s List Page.
For reference, please find and read details below.
“(2) How to search for a Teacher with the right keywords?” 

❋ You can choose Teachers with available time slots ⇒
We have a list of teachers with available time slots on the provided link below.

Note: Seeing the whole page might take more than 2 minutes because it has many links for each teacher’s timetable.
⇒ All Teachers’ Timetables

❋ If you find your favorite teacher, then apply for a free trial lesson on the form below ⇒
When you sign up for a free trial lesson, please specify your chosen teacher’s name.

⇒ EIGORU-en Trial Lesson Order Form
❋ You can also sign up directly from each teacher’s profile page.

Note: Troubleshoot! When the timetable is not properly displayed ⇒
⇒ (04) Action to be taken if a Timetable is not properly displayed (Timetable Display Trouble)

(2) How to search for a Teacher with the right keywords?

If you enter search conditions in the “Google Custom Search” box below, you will find a list of teachers that match that condition. ❋ The search method has been simplified as follows.

You can find your best-match teachers using keywords same as Google search except for the timetable. You can copy the sample keywords below and paste it in the search box.
❋ The following keywords can help you find your preferred teachers.
❋ If you want to find teachers who can teach TOEIC, then type the keyword “TOEIC” in the search box.

However, searching for the teacher’s available schedule and experience in Callan is not supported.

❋ Search for the Keywords below. ❋
You can copy and paste it into the search box, you can also add the words “and / or “

✦Lesson Offered✦(to find English teacher)

✽ Business English

✦Preferred Student Age✦
✽ 3 years old
✽ 4-5 years old
✽ 6-8 years old
✽ 9-11 years old
✽ 12-15 years old
✽ 16-18 years old
✽ 19-90 years old

(3) Timetable is Automatically Updated

The timetable is updated every 5 minutes. To see the time table on the teacher’s page, please click the link “TIME TABLE DIRECT”, reload it and you can wait for up to 5 minutes to see latest open schedule of the teacher. 

(4) We use Philippine Standard Time in Teacher’s Timetable

The Philippine Standard Time in our Teacher’s Timetable, so please kindly Google search for the Time Difference (synchronize time) of your Country to the Philippines.

(5) You can Read/Post Evaluation for Each Teacher

Please open the following links below. You can view each Evaluation per teacher’s profile
⇒ Please inform us your Evaluation for Each Teacher

(6) The Number Posted by the Teacher’s Name is the Lesson Fee in USD.

For the trial students, your total consumed lesson minutes will depend on the teacher’s lesson fee per lesson X number of lessons X sales tax.

1) You can register for a Free Trial Lesson with up to 5 Different Teachers only per week. Please take note that the trial lesson schedule will depend on the teacher’s timetable. If the trial lesson schedule with a certain teacher was cancelled, then try another teacher, until you consumed 5 trial lessons with 5 different teachers in a week. However, if you find your favorite teacher and would like to continue studying with him/her, then the continued (regular) lessons are charged already.
The Tutor’s Number is in descending order or from the highest to the lowest number. Therefore, teachers with the lowest number are our long time or old teachers while the highest numbers are newly joined teachers.

2) When you apply for a trial lesson and you didn’t receive a reply from the teacher, then please open the link below.
Frequently Asked Questions Page  ⇒ 3.2 Q: I tried to apply for a trial lesson, but my teacher did not answer.

Sometimes emails from our teachers are often placed into SPAM or JUNK mail box, so please kindly check those folders as well in your Email Account.

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