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Emergency Message Board

Emergency Message Board (EMB) at EIGORU-en | Japan style Online English & Japanese School for English & Japanese Learners; Young Children, Kids, Mothers, Business people, Grown-ups and Senior.


Emergency Message Board (EMB)

Note: The latest SMS (messages) of the teachers are automatically posted on the lower part of the table. We are sorry for this inconvenience, but please scroll down to see your teacher’s latest emergency message.

❋ This EMB implements automatic reflection service, please excuse unusual or not important messages. You should only find your teacher’s latest emergency messages. We will manually send News Mail regarding Emergency Messages via email, therefore unusual or not important messages are not included.

❋ To directly see EMB, please click this ⇒ EIGORU Emergency Message Board.

❋ If you do not see the above direct EMB link on the iPhone and some other smartphones / browsers, then please contact us.

Once again, Emergency Messages (Mobile SMS) from the teacher is automatically added/posted to the bottom of this sheet, so please kindly scroll down to see the latest message.
❋ Because we can’t send email to student one by one, so as for details, please wait for the direct email from your teacher.

❋ This emergency board will contain information about teacher’s emergency such as power outage/brownout due to typhoon, heavy rain, cutting of the Internet, and emergency hospitalization. In circumstances where tutors cannot access the internet, they will send us SMS and it will be automatically posted here in Emergency Message Board. Philippines’ basic mobile phone has no email function that’s why teachers won’t be able to send direct email to their students. This is the only way we can have updates about teacher’s emergency situation until now. Some of our teachers do not have smartphones and if they do, some of them do not have internet data and the cheapest way to report their situation is through sending SMS or Mobile text.

❋ If you want to receive News Mail about EIGORU EMB, then please go to this page “⇒ EIGORU News Mail Subscription/Cancellation” and register your email address.

❋ Our Manager residing in the Philippines is the one who’s manually sending News Mail and we hope for your kind understanding and forgiveness for there will be a few hours or more delays than the SMS received time from the emergency board. Therefore, please make sure to always go directly to Emergency Message Board site whenever your teacher failed to contact you.

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