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Students’ Online Experiences at EIGORU Online English & Japanese School | Japan style Online English & Japanese School for English Learners; Young Children, Kids, Mothers, Business people, Grown-ups and Senior.


Students’ Online Experiences at EIGORU Online English & Japanese School (main school)



(1) We have received some Students’ comments/testimonials via email

❋ From the Students’ Parents
“Hello, this is a father who looked after a 6-year-old daughter. We have already received 5 months of lessons. My daughter always receives a lesson while sitting on my knee. First, I was worried because my English is not good also, but we started from ABC and read the text from the picture the teacher who have prepared, and now, we are able to talk to the teacher. At first teacher gives a little interpretation. Most of the time I cannot understand it, but now, we freely interact with the teacher. I think our lesson will last long and I’m thankful because of kindness, gentleness and honest characters of our teacher. Children are not aware why we need to study English, in the sense that I want to see the teacher, I also decided to receive online English conversation lessons. Still, because we are very Beginner students, we speak with few English words, but if we keep speaking we will improve. I look forward to working with you.”
“It is the mother of 8 years old, 2nd grade elementary school boy. I sent him to an English school, but he did not progress easily. In particular, he can’t listen and speak well. We also attended an English conversation school group system but because of being shy, he did not seem to always talk. We entered this school because of cheaper fee. Son is very shy to the teacher, but because it is a man-to-man lesson, he could speak English gradually. English has a big future, so hopefully at this rate, we have a premonition that he can speak in it calmly. I hope he tells us where he learned in Japan and the same grammar (Universal!) is also important, so useful result in exam, etc. The text we’re using is Let’s go. To report. Polite correspondence thank you always”.

❋ From College Students
“Hello I am a college student. Because the company where with unit acquisition and employment at the university TOEIC becomes condition as a norm to many, but we have received tests for a few times, and I couldn’t enter English schools because it’s too expensive for me as a student. Something called online English conversation school I learned from a friend, and read various comparisons, I am allowed to enroll here. Until now, TOEIC scores have not risen. But the difference is that I can talk in English every day. College students think and still few know that you can have a lesson in the same way in 10 minutes of the price of one-on-one school in front of the station of the school, I think I want more people to know about this “
“I studied abroad at the University for two years. We had a debate with Americans (heated debate tournament?) It’s really difficult what words to say especially having heated discussion with the native English speakers. I thought having 900 or more in TOEIC would be okay but I felt the limitations. After returning home, it was my first time to find out that there’s a cheap online English conversation in the Philippines with Filipino instructors so I watched various school teachers’ videos and listened to Philippine accent and I got surprised because they have clean and beautiful pronunciation. Originally, in America, west and east saying, “I don’t know what you’re saying-“, that was better spoken to the world and too much accent didn’t bother me, but because the Philippines is educated with all spoken standard language, it was also a surprising discovery because of their clean pronunciation.
Well, as for me, seeing many videos, character may be agreeable with that, looking for a person likely to become friends, I chose EIGORU.
In my case, without the use of such as text but only news articles or exchanging the opinions, chatting every day likewise has kept enhancing my English ability. Because I am under a contract in one hour seven days a week, every day, it’s a little like in a foreign country when talking to her. I really like this teacher and I made a promise to go on a trip in the Philippines. After all, EIGORU system with a fix tutor is really different from all other schools. A lifetime association I expected it to be. I’m really grateful.”

❋ From Students who are Employees
“I’m an office worker who works in a company for 3 years already and sometimes we use English at work. There’s an English class at work and billing is charged to the company, however, there’s a lot of overtime work so I couldn’t attend some classes. In addition, because the conversation is not one-on-one but a group discussion, so less time is assigned to each and every one and the lesson is twice a week only, so I still have poor English. However, TOEIC exam has become a condition for promotion in the company. And then I found EIGORU, here I chose 50 minutes lesson a day, 7 days a week and I was surprised that my English skills were increased at around 3 months. I can have my lessons at night with same time period and same fee and even at night time zone is a big attraction. Recently, I had introduced this also to my colleagues.”
“I’m a 40-year old man and so far I’ve managed to improve my English conservation skills in my own and has experimented in good reputable English teaching materials and has mastered it with considerable amount of time and effort. Here are some examples of the reference books and CDs that I finished already, “Dorippi of English adventure system”, “master of the game”, “tracking”, and various speed learning such as NHK radio, and all kinds of texts were placed in a hand and came on their own anyway. Because there’s no nearby English schools from my house. However, receiving this online lesson, I understood well. That is how effective when talking one-on-one with a teacher than do it on your own. You cannot ask the text and CD to correct your own weak point, pronunciation and expression. Again, it’s totally different with getting that kind of coaching as otherwise. But this time I think, “I wish I had more quick online net conversation classroom.” It’s already my first 6 months as a student, but noticeably my English became good. There are also times when the teacher is pleasant, but nowadays, how we’re doing is that only such maneuvers thinks today whether probably being able to amuse the teacher. Story is now long, but thank you for introducing this online English conversation EIGORU. Today we are in exactly six months, I have to thank you via email. “

❋ From Stay-at-home English learners
“This is a housewife. It is something where former times, before getting married, we were passing to the English conversation school, and somehow was able to converse in English, but it’s already 4 months I’m completely away from that environment. As for forgetting English words completely, you could remember other things unexpectedly quickly. I use dictionary in my PC and there’s no problem, also the memory is securely kept in the chat history. Online English conversation is definitely better than ordinary English class in a classroom setting. In addition, you can select a teacher for a trial lesson and that’s I’m very concerned about. But if it’s not like this, it’s not fun!”
“I’m already retired and now I have time for what I want to do and a friend introduced me EIGORU so I joined. Since I had experienced of working abroad, I don’t want to drop my English proficiency so I began to have online English lessons. In our first conversation, I was surprised that the pronunciation is clean. Afterward, I feel that good people are gathered here. So, unless it is the pupil that keeps leaving, don’t you think? It is probably will be. I also tried other online schools with advance reservation system and the teacher-student relationship there was not good and I was speechless because teaching style is like a robot. The teacher does not change with the full-time service here and again, you felt that there’s the great difference. Good luck!”

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