Essay from Philippines オンライン英会話 エイゴル





Okay, its true. We humans have made a mess of our world. We've committed many criminals act against our environment,If we'd been a little smarter, if we had done more planning, if we hadn't been so greedy, our world would be a much better place. We wouldn't have created giant cities without efficient transportation system. We wouldn't have populated our air, land, and water.We wouldn't have let people become so desperate that drugs and crime were their only escape. We would have created healthy, livable cities that showed respect for humanity and for the environment. It is to late? Absolutely not! We got ourselves into this mess; We certainly get ourselves out.



 私たち人間は、私たちの世界の混乱を行いました。我々は少し賢くなってんだ場合、多くの犯罪者たちがそう貪欲されていなかった場合、我々は、より多くの企画を行っていた場合、私たちの環境に対して作用コミットしてきた、私たちの世界はより良い場所でしょう。私たちは、効率的な輸送システムのない巨大都市を作成していないだろう。私たちは、空気、土地を取り込まなかっただろう、とwater.Weは、人々が麻薬や犯罪が彼らの唯一の脱出だったように必死になってみましょう持っていません。私たちは、人類のためと環境の尊重を示した健全な、住みやすい都市を作成しているだろう。それは後半にありますか? 絶対違う!私たちは、この混乱の中に自分自身を得ました。私たちは確かに自分自身を出します。



Poverty is always part of the circumstances that have been experiencing here in our country [PHILIPPINES]. The population here in the Philippines still growing despite of lack of resources. Lots of the people experiencing lack of goods, education and proper living. You'll see lots of beggars collecting garbage and waste to sell in order rare money to buy goods for their family. A disappointment why parents allow their kids to earn for the family but that's their responsibility to do it. The only solution to lessen not to solve this kind of circumstances and problem, is to wake up and awaken the government to see what's the real happening outside their beautiful and better living.






Job description beyond job compensation. Lots of of employers didn't give the right compensate for there employees because they can easily fool them. Most of the employer has a intelligent and bright ideas kept their minds. Filipino are known as hard worker and fast learner that"s why they have been abuse and insulted.The wrong and difficult for those workers was the complaint that they never gives to their employers . Labor codes never been followed in terms of those unlicensed company.And especially for those little and small establish. Although the better is labor code must be followed for a better ruled.






Why lots of minors involve in love/ family affair which is inappropriate as a right doing.
The main reason why they did this kind of doing was lack of attention and lack of money support.
Filipino is known as good lover, service provider in a good way.
Because of lack attention and earnings/ lack of earnings they find a man and woman with high earnings or let's say rich, just to get money for to fulfill their needs. But lots of women involve in third party instead of men.
There's a lot of case which is concubinage and bigamy involves. Lack of manners and education reasons why life for those unluckily who doesn't have it. Teaching the right manners to your relatives or in neighbor hood to lessen this kind of case.






Our world a hundred years ago was a world of great distances: lands,mountains,seas, and ocean separating peoples and nations. Today, this world of ours has shrunk. It has grown so small that almost all corners are within reach. The lands, mountains, seas, and ocean can be bridged, unbelievably, in days, or hours or even minutes. Indeed, we now live in a global village. Thus, we have become not merely citizens of our respective countries. We are becoming citizens of the world. As such, we must all share in the wondrous benefits bestowed on us by modern science and technology, as well as the heavy burden in the 21st century. You will read about the urgent need for a world language by which we can communicate and interact with other peoples, other nations. You will find out why English has emerged as today global language. You will also read about two critical situations our world is facing, problems to which every nation is contributor and to which each is bound, therefore, to help find solution to: saving the environment and preserving peace in the world.



私たちの世界は百年前の世界は偉大な距離: 土地, 海, 山, 海と人を分離する. 今日は, これは私たちの世界が縮んだ. それがとても少ないので, ほとんどすべてのコーナーは手近にある. その土地は, 海, 山, 海, brigedできますが, 信じられないほどで, 時間も十分. 本当にわれは, n owに住んでいる地球村. このように, 私たちは, 市民になるだけでなく私たちの, それぞれの国. 私たちは, 市民になるのだ. このように, 私たちは皆にシェアしなければならないのは驚くべき給付によって私たちに与えた近代科学技術と同様に, 重い負担の21世紀. あなたはについて読んで緊急の必要が世界語で会話できることや, 他の人との交流, 他の国だ. あなたはなぜ英語は今日として登場したグローバル言語である. あなたは二人とも読み, 危機的状況について, 私たちの世界は, 問題に直面するすべての国民は, 出資者には, それぞれに行き, そこで, 解決策を見つける手助けを保存: 環境保全, 世界に平和を.



After all of the happening and continuous sufferings, Philippines still on its struggle when it come in poverty. A lot of constitution passed but there nothing change.When it comes to the state of the monetary earnings of the low level Philippines. Instead to solve the first problem they first do the thing that will give to their own publicity and do a lot of propaganda for the next election. Almost, most of their the people who are sited with the position in the government and selfish nor selfless, they think and do just for their sake not for the people in their community.






 When it comes in Job Opportunity, age is a must that's why Age discrimination was one of the problems of those applicant. If you are 30 years old or more you'll find it difficult to find a job. Not only that, if you are less educated only few opportunity you grab because associate courses is not yet valuable in terms of Job. Sometimes you're in, in their qualification but your age is not beyond their description your no longer qualified to apply for their position needs. All of the Job applicants wishing to more age qualification to find a Job in easy way to earn for their families and keep for their future.






I was and half paralyzed when in presence of a crowd, and my first day at the new school made me the laughing stock of the classroom. I was sent to the blackboard to write my name and address. I knew my name and address, knew how to write it,knew how to spell it; but standing at the blackboard with eyes of many girls and boys looking at my back made me freeze inside and I was unable to write a single letter. I lifted the white chalk to the blackboard and,as I was about to write,my mind went black,empty; I could not remember my name,not even the first letter.Somebody giggled and I stiffened.An impulse to write would flash through me, but my hand would refuse to move.the children began to titter me and I flushed hotly. The teacher walked to my side, smiling at me to give me confidence.She placed her hand tenderly upon my shoulder. I spelled my name in a wild rush of letters, trying desperately to redeem my paralyzing shyness. Again I turned to the blackboard and lifted my hand to write,then I was blank and void within.I tried frantically to collect my sense but I could remember nothing.A sense of the girls and boys behind me filled me to exclusion of everything.I realized how utterly I was failing and I grew weak and leaned my hot forehead against the cold blackboard.The room burst into a loud and prolonged laugh and my muscle froze. I sat and cursed myself.Why did I always appear so dumb when I was called to perform something in a crowd? I knew how to write as well as any pupil in the classroom, and no doubt I read better than any of them, and I could talk fluently and expressively when I was sure myself. Then why did strange faces make me freeze? I sat with my ears and neck burning, hearing the pupils whisper about me, hating myself, hating them.






I can't understand why some women sell their body just to gain money. Infact, there's a lot of job opportunity belong here in the Philippines but they wont grab it. The reason why was only to gain money or to have income fast or in easy way. That kind of job,give a bad description and ruin their reputation.The reason why they less respected by most of the people. Lots of minor involved in this kind of job, if this call as job,but rebelling was one of the reason pushes them to do it. But if i am at its situation {not wishing as if} i am not that hopeless to take that kind of doing just to earn money, a little money.They didn't think that they may be infected of some kind of decease just like HIV or Aids.And they'r income in this work not enough to pay just to cure it.






The most horrible that happened always here in the Philippines was the involvement of Parents raping their child , or their relatives because of lack in manners.Sometimes that happenings make me wonder, why does this horrible thing did to their own blood and flesh. According to the result of the police investigation, those people who do that thing was under the influence of drugs or anything that affect the way they think.This kind of case been repeated because those crime or doer does not afraid because our court only have imprisonment not death penalty that's why they do it over and over again. The only way to stop this kind of crime is to have a better government and Ruler to sustain the best for their community to stop and protect their people.






Several years ago, my older cousin had a seizure that turn out to be result of lung cancer that had gone to his brain. I arranged for him to see various specialists, and we learned that with aggressive treatment, including three to five chemo-therapy sessions a week, he would live perhaps four month. Ultimately, my cousin decided against any treatment and simply took pills for brain swelling. He moved in with me.
We spent the next eight months doing a bunch of things that he enjoyed, having fun together like we hadn't in decades. We went to Disneyland, his first time. We’d hang-out home, my cousin was a sport nut, and he was very happy to watch games and eat my cooking. He even gained a bit of weight, eating his favorite foods rather than hospital meals. He had no serious pain, and he remained high-spirited. One day, he didn't wake up. He spent the next three days in Coma like, sleep then died. The cost of his medical care for those eight months, for the one drug, he was taking, was about $ 20.
My cousin was no doctor, but he knew, he wanted a life of quality, not just quantity. Don’t most of us? If there is a state of the art of end-of-life care, it is this death with dignity. As for me, my physician has my choices. They were easy to make, as they are for most physician. There will no heroics. And I will go gentle into that good night, like my mentor, like my cousin, like my fellow doctor.



私たちは数十年でいなかったように一緒に楽しんで、彼は楽しんで物事の束をやって次の8ヶ月を過ごしました。私たちはディズニーランド、彼の最初の時間に行ってきました。我々は、ハングアウトしたい家を、私のいとこは、スポーツのナットがあって、彼は試合を見て、私の料理を食べて非常に幸せでした。彼も彼の好きな食べ物ではなく、病院の食事を食べ、重量のビットを得ました。彼は深刻な痛みがなかった、彼は威勢のままでした。ある日、彼が目を覚ますしませんでした。彼は昏睡状態に次の3日間を過ごしたように、睡眠はその後死亡しました。それらの8ヶ月のための彼の医療費は、1薬剤のために、彼が取っていた、およそ$ 20でした。



My friend is the most amazing friend anybody could ask for. We've been through so much together, we're basically like sisters. We meet on the first day of school in junior high school, both of us terrified by the massive size of the middle school. She had the locker right above mine. I told her I didn't know anybody in our class and she said "You do now."We've been friends ever since. Most boys think that my friend is cute. She has long red hair, cascading over her shoulders. She laughs about everything and when she does, you see about a hundred white teeth-so bright, you almost need sunglasses. When she laughs, her eyes grow wide, glowing emerald green. My friend likes to dress kind of skater, in camouflage pants, sweatshirts, and wristbands. But she’s unpredictable. She also trusts me to give her my honest opinion and to say what I feel. Last year, she thought that her teacher gave a lower math grade than she deserved. I told her the truth that my friend handed everything in late and what did she expect? Next marking period, my friend got her work on time, and pulled of an A. Thanks to me, she said. My friend is a wonderful listener. She let me tell her all my problems and she never diminishes the importance of my worries. I can tell she's really listening, too, because she looks directly in my eyes the whole time, like she's trying to see inside my head and figure me out. We don't always agree on everything, and sometimes we even fight like sisters. But, in the end, we always stick together.






Filipino knows in the world for being kind and hospitable. A Filipino trait was learned by the children during their childhood by training of their parents. Mostly of Filipino's live together with their family just to teach their child and their sibling with proper attitude and discipline. Although most of them are working, at early age they working but they never forget the teaching of their parents to spread out and share their beliefs to others while they are still young. Outside the country, Filipino still practice the traits that they're gained while they're living with their relatives neighborhood. Philippines is considered as one of the poor country in the world but the people living in this country has the talent that makes their life easy. Filipino has the talent versatile which is consist the talent of having wisdom and intelligent. During the childhood of Filipinos they learned how to become wise. Not all Filipinos know how to speak English but mostly knew. Education is the most valuable inheritance that parents can give to their children that why; they teach them while it’s early in not too late.






I learned about the joy of helping others when i was Elementary. One of my classmates had forgotten his snack, so he had nothing to eat during recess. Nobody wanted to share with him because we were all very hungry and it was really his own fault that he would have to go without. That day my mother packed my favorite treat a chocolate and peanut butter cup. I wanted it all for myself, but my mother had often told me that I should share, so I broke my chocolate and peanut butter cup in half and gave my forgetful classmate one half. He nearly fell over in surprised. Then he smiled the biggest smile I had ever seen and I suddenly felt the greatest happiness I had ever felt. After that I always looked for chances to help people, because it always made them and I feel good.






Here in the Philippines, a drug is spread throughout in different isle of the country but I’m pretty sure that everybody was using it. Using drug, push by the ushers to do something beyond their proper presence of mind. Using drug its either upper or downer if might affect their way of thinking that why they did something too bad and beyond the law just like robbing, raping and sometimes it turn to kill innocent persons. Mostly the user of drugs was theinnocent child, the poor one. And those person in the dark side that motivate them to take just a little escape to their problems for a time. Our government can’t find way to fix the problems and crime which drug is involved. Lots of parents take too hard just to discipline their children who always drug is involved. JUST A LITTLE ADVICE, DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILDREN RUIN THEIR LIFE BECAUSE OF DRUGS...............






Those people who live in the Philippines they do anything to their love ones. Even though its bad or good. There’s so many works here in Philippines but in this generation now a day, only few people have a stable and good work maybe to the salary of their parents which still not enough to sustain and support the needs their family. Thus it is one of the reasons why some people sacrifice to leave their family here in the Philippines for a big bun of money in abroad. Without our knowledge their sacrifices was a big obligation just to raise their family from poverty. It’s so hard to leave are family but still we all want to leave a prosperous life and to help our fellowmen in different ways........In my own opinion being a Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) was a prestigious work as a Filipino. In every side in our world has Filipino. Every one of them has an obligation that no one could take money because of their hard work in a good way. Because Filipino are hard working kind, patience and proud to work as a Filipino. That’s why Philippines never prosper because some Filipino getting abroad and many of them are uneducated nor they can’t sustain their studies financially. So I can say, it’s so hard to live here in the Philippines.







Poverty is the main reason why lots of children not only but also adults living along the streets. They live together with their children instead to abort them. The important is they living together in terms of closeness through little food or in sickness but still them holding on to each other. Lack of housing project, food assistance is one of the reasons why instead living at the proper they are located at streets side of different corners of the cities, especially at the METRO MANILA areas. Government always finds way just to have solutions to this problem but poverty still growing so that streets child also growing. Helps to lessen the count although can’t fix it right away.