3395-Meg 395 YEN

●年齢 Age:
●現住所 Location:
—Quezon City
Can speak Japanese language in daily conversation level
Can read and write Japanese HIRAGANA and KATAKANA
Be able to read and write Japanese 漢字
—Skype Video call
—Skype CHAT or Message only
●資格/メソッド (Can teach):
●対象年令 (Can teach):
—小学校低学年 (6-8 years old)
—小学校高学年 (9-11 years old)
—中学生 (12-15 years old)
—高校生 (16-18 years old)
—大学生~シニア (19-90 years old)

●現時点の空き曜日と時間帯 (open days in a week and time slots):
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Hi! My name is Meg, but you can call me Megu-sensei, or Teacher Meg.

I have been teaching English to some of my Japanese friends who also help me learn to speak and write Japanese.

I like reading, watching, and listening to English and Japanese music.

I prefer to teach beginners and intermediate students for now. I can teach kids, teens, and adults basic English, correct grammar and pronunciation, vocabulary, how to read, and to write correct English.
Also, I can assist you with your school assignments and reports when needed.

Studying a language is not easy, especially if you are learning it just by yourself. When I was studying Japanese, it was not easy for me too. That is why I'll be very happy to help you learn English more. So let us do our best to study English together!

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