3410-Valen 250 YEN (x)
呼名: ヴァレン
■年齢 Age■
■現住所 Location■

-話せません Not able to talk in Japanese

-Skype Video call (スカイプでのビデオ会話レッスン)
-Skype CHAT or Message only (スカイプで文字チャットだけでのレッスン)

■資格/メソッド (Can teach)■
■対象年令 (Can teach)■
-3歳児 (3 years old kids)
-小学校低学年 (6-8 years old)
-小学校高学年 (9-11 years old)
-中学生 (12-15 years old)
-高校生 (16-18 years old)
-大学生~シニア (19-90 years old)

■■現時点の空き曜日と時間帯 (open days in a week and time slots)■■
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こんにちは, はじめまして. My name is Teacher Valen and I am from the Philippines!
I am 22 years old and I am now a licensed professional teacher. I have been teaching in a private tutorial center for quite a long time now and I am teaching various kinds of students from different walks of life.

I am teaching English to my students online, in the comfort of their homes and in our office. My hobbies are listening to music, writing inspirational poems, reading English books, watching movies and playing the keyboard piano.

Becoming a Teacher is my dream job when I am still young because I know that teaching is the noblest profession and without Teachers all other professions will not exist. Now that I am now a teacher, I have the passion to teach kids, teenagers and adult learners in the beginner and in the intermediate level.

I can teach basic and general English, grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. In addition I can also help you enhance your skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking the English language in the most convenient and interesting way for you.

As a  teacher I am very patient, lovable, understanding and kind, so don’t worry if you commit mistakes in my class because I know how difficult it is to learn a second language. On the other hand, I promise that I will be always here on your side to guide and support you throughout the process, to achieve your goal to study English and become a fluent English speaker in due time.

I promise that I will not just give my precious time, my expertise, my effort, and my talents for you but I also want to do it to help others with a humble heart and always glory to God. See you in my classes and together let’s explore the wonderful world of the English language! ありがとうございました


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