3370-Crisa 435 YEN (x)

●年齢 Age:
●現住所 Location:
—Baguio City
Can talk in Japanese a little
Can speak Japanese language in daily conversation level
Can read and write Japanese HIRAGANA and KATAKANA
—Skype Video call
—Skype CHAT or Message only
●資格/メソッド (Can teach):
●対象年令 (Can teach):
—小学校低学年 (6-8 years old)
—小学校高学年 (9-11 years old)
—中学生 (12-15 years old)
—高校生 (16-18 years old)
—大学生~シニア (19-90 years old)
—ビジネス英語 Business English

●現時点の空き曜日と時間帯 (open days in a week and time slots):
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I'm Teacher Crisa.
I've been teaching English in a one-on-one setting when I was in college. 
Due to pandemic, safety first is very important at your most convenient time  via online is advisable.
I can handle beginner to intermediate levels.
Kids and Adults are very much welcome to my class.
During my leisure time, I love adventures and I love travelling so much.
I also love learning new cultures and communicating with different kinds of people.
I can teach General English, Business English, Travel English, and Basic Communication in English.
I know and I believe that everybody has a gift and talent, so we only need to do it to discover.
Let's learn English together, let's do it together!
いしょうに勉強しましょう! 前向きにね!

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