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●年齢 Age:
●現住所 Location:
—ほんの少し話せます Can talk in Japanese a little
—Skype Video call
—Skype CHAT or Message only
●資格/メソッド (Can teach):
●対象年令 (Can teach):
—3歳児 (3 years old)
—キッズ (4-5 years old)
—小学校低学年 (6-8 years old)
—小学校高学年 (9-11 years old)
—中学生 (12-15 years old)
—高校生 (16-18 years old)
—大学生~シニア (19-90 years old)
—ビジネス英語 Business English

●現時点の空き曜日と時間帯 (open days in a week and time slots):
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Hello there! My name is Kristin, but you can call me Kin. I'm a graduate of the University of the Philippines with a baccalaureate course in Business Management, then proceeded to law school and eventually became a Juris Doctor. I am currently working in a government bank as a licensed Appraiser. However, I wanted to go back to teaching English online as this is one of my passion. I've started teaching English to various Asians, such as Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and Vietnamese, since year 2011. I've handled classes having all types of student levels from beginners to fluent conversant, and I can teach Basic, Intermediate, Advance, Casual and most especially Business English. I am much eager to assist students prepare for their upcoming exams either in IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL and even coach them for job interviews. I'm flexible and can tackle special class requests, depending of course on the learner's preferences. For me, teaching English online is a favorably unique way of getting acquainted with people from all over the globe, and know the things that make YOU special. Yes, I mean you! And it is also you that I'm looking forward to being with me in one of my classes. I'll see you then!

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