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2830-Karell $3.25

Rate/25min: $3.25
Age: 25
Location: Kanagawa, Japan
Contact: Skype

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9-11 years old
12-15 years old
16-18 years old
19-90 years old

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I am Teacher Karell,I have experienced to teach the English language to Japanese students online for over 4 years. My hobbies are watching movies, cooking, singing, drawing and teaching as well.
I am able to teach Beginner to Intermediate students from age 3 to 90 years old. In my class you will learn General and Basic English in grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and other relevant topics that you would like to talk about with me. I will help you improve your English speaking,reading,listening and writing skills.

It’s never early nor late to study the English language,it is indeed challenging but your passion and practice will make you reach you goal. So, I will wait for you in my class and let’s study English in a fun, relax and productive way.

Thank you very much and See you!

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